Shizuoka #3: Waterfall with “Dancer and Me” (初景滝と「踊り子と私」)

Shizuoka’s third postcard combines Shokeidaru (Shokei Fall) of the Kawazu Seven Waterfalls, and a statue from the short story The Dancing Girl of Izu by Kawabata Yasunari which is set in the area. You can read about the short story here and the falls here.

Postcard, statue, and falls

The same waterfall without the postcard

Close up of the statue

And a different statue along the walking path

I enjoyed the beautiful waterfalls in the area a lot, and recommend Izu as a great trip pretty close to Tokyo.

Gunma #3: Fukiware Falls (吹割の滝)

Gunma’s “Niagara Falls of Japan” is a beautiful falls that is relatively unknown outside Gunma. It is in Numata, a small city well known for its beautiful nature and outdoor activities. The falls are only 7 meters high, but span a good 30 meters in length. Moreover, you’re able to go right up to the falls, which is a fun experience! There are also bridges above and below the falls, giving you a great chance for some nice pictures.

I visited the falls in winter, when the water level was at its lowest, and the vegetation around not very pretty. During summer the area around the falls are lush and green, but probably the most spectacular season is fall, when the leaves around the falls turn beautiful colors.

A map of the area around the falls

Looking downstream

And from the edge of the falls looking upstream

The falls aren’t easy to get to… the best explanation I found is here, and there are some really great pictures of the falls as well.