Osaka #3: Osaka Castle (大阪城)

Another castle I visited in 2009 was Osaka’s magnificent castle. When we visited it was late afternoon, and the light and clouds were really beautiful with the castle in the forefront. The castle is a reconstruction, but it is still interesting and nicely done! You can read more about Osaka castle here.

Osaka Castle is also a famous place to see cherry blossoms. I’ve visited during cherry season once, but I was more focused on Kyoto at that time, so I don’t have many good pictures of the castle with cherries. Another time!

Osaka Castle

Slightly from the side

A neat tiger inside the castle

Looking out over Osaka

2015.01.20: NHK’s Fudoki series, 5 minute videos about various places and things of Japan, also has a video on Osaka castle. I recommend giving it a watch here.