[News] Photo Hosting Issues

Hi all! I’m sorry there’s been no updates on my end for a long time. I was actually planning to get back into the swing of things when…. Photobucket, the site I PAY to use to host all the photos on here (and my other blogs) has pulled the rug out from under their customers feet and banned third party hosting (so the images you see on this blog for instance) unless you pay a ridiculous amount for the privilege of using their website. I’m not willing to pay $400 a year just to do that when there are plenty of alternates, so I will be moving all the images (one by one by one) to a new hosting website, and going through every single post to update.

According to the official Postacollect website we will get some news about the Gotochi cards in mid-August. My goal is to have the site fully transferred over by then in case they announce the new 2017 cards. Meanwhile, please expect some trouble with the pictures until then. And if you notice anything besides not seeing the pictures (like I uploaded the wrong picture to a post, broken links etc.) please feel free to let me know!

Thanks for sticking with me. Let’s look forward to collecting together!

[Site News] Updates

… or lack thereof.

Sorry everyone, I’ve currently got a 6-week old who is taking up 110% of my time and attention, and I just don’t have a chance to write or post right now. I’m hoping this will slowly change, and I want to assure everyone I haven’t forgotten about this blog, nor am I abandoning it! It’s just usually between “do I write a blog post, or do I do laundry, or do I take a nap?” and the laundry usually wins, with the nap coming in second.

So tl;dr, I wont be updating for awhile, but hope to get back into it as I get more time back. Please be patient!

[News] 2016 Postcards Released!

Hi everyone, great news!

Today, the 8th set of Postacollect Gotochi postcards has been released on the Postacollect website! I had almost given up hope… can you tell by how long its been since I updated? Read the press release on the official website here (to switch languages, please see the upper right corner of the website). Postcards go on sale starting July 16th at post offices across the country.

Also, new postcard collection binder will be released for sale on the official website starting from July 19th at 7:00PM Japan Standard Time in pink and grey as usual, so if you also collect the binders, don’t forget that date! Here is the information for those.

Finally, another piece of exciting news… the retired postcards are coming back into production due to customer request! Isn’t that exciting? Well, I spent a lot of money on the retired cards but… oh well. This is great for those who haven’t yet finished collecting them all! You can check which cards were retired here, and they will all be re-released along with the new set.

Let’s enjoy collecting postcards, and stay tuned for new posts coming soon!

Blog News

So… I was really hoping the 8th set of postcards would come out around the same time as last year’s, but they have not. I’m leaving for a trip from tomorrow through the end of March so if the postcards become available during the two weeks I’m gone, I will not be able to update the blog until I get back in April. I do have some regular posts queued so there will be usual updates, just no new cards. So see you in April, and here’s hoping 2016’s postcards are worth the wait!

[News] Postacollect Website Update

The official website has had a big upgrade today, and now includes information in English and other languages! The English is very google-translated (read: not so easy to understand), but it beats Japanese-only for anyone interested in these postcards who can’t read Japanese! It’s great to see that the post office recognizes how popular these cards are with overseas visitors, and are responding accordingly. (Now if only they’d address the fact that most post offices close on weekends and holidays, the most popular time for travel…)

Anyway, because postacollect now has the English, I will be going through and updating all the English titles on the Collection Page to the “official” ones… with a few exceptions. (No, I am not calling Gunma – Kusatsu’s Yumomi “Hot Water fir”; what does that even mean?!)

But don’t worry, loyal readers of this blog (all 12 of you)! I will still be updating with English explanations and pictures of each postcard, as well as with news and updates as usual. I know I am eagerly awaiting the 8th set which will probably come out in March or April, so stay tuned!

[News] Postacollect Event in Tokyo April 23-26

It has been announced on the official website that there will be a Postacollect event in Tokyo on April 23-26. It will be held in JPTower Kitte basement floor 1 in Chiyoda-ku (JPタワー・KITTE地下1階 東京シティアイ(東京都千代田区丸の内2-7-2)) from 11am to 7pm (6pm on the 26th), and will feature a number of panels and events, including a Giant Mt. Fuji postcard you can take a picture with. I’m not sure exactly what each panel will be discussing (the theme is “travel and gotochi cards” which doesn’t tell me a lot) but the event sounds like fun! And it looks like participators will receive a mini-card for free as well!

I, unfortunately, wont be in Tokyo during that time, but I hope some fans can go and enjoy the event. Read the official post here.

[News] Postacollect Folders

Along with the addition of the new 2015 postcards, Postacollect’s website also stocked more pink and grey official folders. However as anyone interested in them may have noticed, they sold out EXTREMELY quickly, and now there is in some cases only 1 or 2 left, if any.

Thankfully, due to popularity, there will be another stocking of the folders. The next time you are able to buy will be April 17th from 7pm Japan Time. All 7 folders in both colors will be restocked, so if you missed your chance to get a set, here is another!

Read the official announcement in Japanese here.

(I wish they’d add a new color. I think the folders would look good in yellow!)

[News] 2015’s New Gotochi Postcards have arrived!

I have some exciting news! Today, Monday the 9th of March, the new 2015 Set 7 postcards have gone live!

This beautiful new set of postcards will be sold starting from March 20th at local post offices across Japan. Considering for the past two years the new postcards have been announced in April, I was definitely caught off guard… but very excited!

Moreover, the Official Postacollect Binders will refresh and will be available, also from March 20th starting at 7pm. Finally, the new Set 7 Binder will also be for sale then as well.

I’ll be working this week to update The Collection with the new set. Meanwhile, you can sate your curiosity with the Set 7 Flier and visit the official website to view them as well.