Nara #4: Mt. Yoshino Cherries (吉野山の桜)

Also featured in the most recent postcard element post, today we’re in the Kansai region to look at Nara’s Mt. Yoshino, famous for its cherry blossoms in the spring, which currently are in full bloom! This is actually Japan’s MOST famous spot for sakura, eclipsing even Ueno Park’s popularity.

Mt. Yoshino also offers a great chance to see the blooms for a long period of time, due to the different elevations of the trees. From when the trees bloom at the bottom to when they bloom at the top can be a week or more difference, offering tourists a great chance to see them regardless of when they visit!

Well, outside of cherry blossom season you’re out of luck, but there’s more to Mt. Yoshino than its cherries, even if they’re the most famous part! There’s also several shrines and temples in the area to satisfy the traveler spiritually, and enough nature to give the weary a rest. If you’ve got some time, oh… now, head to Nara to see Japan’s most famous cherry blooming spot!

And take some pictures for me… I’ve never been!

(For more information in English I recommend clicking here!)