Akita #2 – Akita Dog Breed (秋田犬)

Akita’s second postcard is of the Akitaken, or the Akita dog breed. Similar to Shiba dogs, also from Japan, they are considered loyal and protective, and are good working dogs. Probably the most famous Akita dog is Hachiko, a dog whose statue stands outside Shibuya station. You can read more on Hachiko and Akita dogs here.

Oodate, the town where Hachiko came from, has its own Hachiko statue outside Oodate station as well as another with several Akita. When I visited, I took some pictures of the statues along with the cute Akita dog mascot used around town.

Hachiko statue in the foreground, the other statue showing a family of Akita in the back

Cute cartoon Akita around town

In Oodate, consider a visit to the Dog Museum where another statue of Hachiko sits. Of course, you can visit his statue in Oodate outside the station as well, or in Shibuya. You can even see Hachiko himself (stuffed that is) at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo. And if you’re around Oodate in May, don’t forget to see the annual dog show during Golden Week held in Keijo Park.