Other Goods

set photo DSC_6018.jpg

Along with the 282 postcards and mini postcards offered currently by the post office, there are also organizing binders available for each of the 6 full sets. You can buy these books from the postacollect website in two different colors, tan and pink, and with each book’s purchase you can also receive a set of 3 random mini cards as well. The books are 1338 yen each, plus shipping (within Japan only). I have bought all 6 books:

1 photo DSC_6020.jpg
Set 1

2 photo DSC_6021.jpg
Set 2

3 photo DSC_6022.jpg
Set 3

4 photo DSC_6023.jpg
Set 4

5 photo DSC_6024.jpg
Set 5

6 photo DSC_6025.jpg
Set 6

 photo DSC_6019.jpg
Inside a set with added postcards and mini cards

5 thoughts on “Other Goods

    • Hi Francy, thanks for your comments! Each book is 1338 yen, so around 13 USD depending on the exchange rate. Shipping is usually around 6 USD depending on how much you get. Hope that helps you!

  1. Hello,

    Here I am again with a new question, this time about the organizing binders. You say you can buy them on the postacollect website… But since I am living in Belgium I can not order them…

    Do you think I can buy them in de postoffice when I am in Japan? I really, really want them…

    Please give me the good news that it is possible… 🙂

    • Hi An!

      Unfortunately, they are not available in regular post offices in Japan. However, the online shop has a physical address in Tokyo… I will email them and ask if it is possible to buy them from there in person (or buy them online but pick them up). But usually you must buy them online.

      Another suggestion is to have them sent to your hotel when you come to Japan. You will need to get the hotel’s address and phone number, and check with them that they are able to take deliveries for you. Also, I’m not sure if foreign credit cards can be accepted. If not, you may have to do a bank transfer instead. When I email, I will ask that as well.

      So please wait for their reply… I will give you the information when I hear back from them!


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