[News] 2017 Cards Announced!

Great news! Today the 2017 cards were announced! They will be sold from August 17th here in Japan, and there are 2 important changes to note this year:

Point 1: The area the cards are sold has been expanded, so each prefecture is assigned to a smaller region, and within that region you can get all the cards of that region no matter what prefecture you’re in. For example, the Tohoku Region includes Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Miyagi, Yamagata, and Fukushima, and at all large post offices in that area, you can find ALL 6 prefectures’ cards!

Point 2: For a limited time (about a month), mini cards will be sold in a pack with their big cards, so instead of having to buy 5 cards to get 1 mini, you can just buy 1 card to get the mini!

I’m still slogging through changing all the photos, so I wont update the list right away. Please check the official website for a preview of all the new cards: click here!

1 thought on “[News] 2017 Cards Announced!

  1. Jess, nice to see you again! Thanks for your information about new Gotochi Cards, hm,
    how do you like them? As for me is too much food, 27 cards are with food /including fish, vegetable, fruit/. I expected much more!
    Besr regards for you

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