[Site News] Updates

… or lack thereof.

Sorry everyone, I’ve currently got a 6-week old who is taking up 110% of my time and attention, and I just don’t have a chance to write or post right now. I’m hoping this will slowly change, and I want to assure everyone I haven’t forgotten about this blog, nor am I abandoning it! It’s just usually between “do I write a blog post, or do I do laundry, or do I take a nap?” and the laundry usually wins, with the nap coming in second.

So tl;dr, I wont be updating for awhile, but hope to get back into it as I get more time back. Please be patient!

3 thoughts on “[Site News] Updates

    • Thanks! I have some ideas to post, it’s just finding the time to post it! I’m finally getting a bit more sleep, so I hope to start blogging again soo! BTW, a person named Mari wanted to contact you? Hope you saw that…

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