Miyazaki #1: Mangoes (マンゴー)

The production of mangoes, Miyazaki’s first postcard, started in 1985 but took several years to show success. Miyazaki has a sub-tropical climate and lots of sun and rain, which is good for mangoes. I love these yummy fruits, but the Miyazaki brand-name ones come at a VERY dear price in my cold corner of Japan. The best of the best can go for 300000 yen! Wow! Even the more moderately priced mangoes at my local supermarket are still more expensive than most fruits, so I don’t get to eat them often. Still, there are lots of mango-flavored products for sale in Japan, so even if the fresh fruit is too expensive, there are other ways to eat it.

We brought home some mango-flavored jellies from our Kyushu trip which were delicious.

Real mangoes for sale, 1800 yen for one!

More reasonable-priced mango flavored goods for sale at Miyazaki Station

Mango ice cream, yum!

Have you eaten a mango today?

6 thoughts on “Miyazaki #1: Mangoes (マンゴー)

    • Hi Mathieu, thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, I don’t have any information about the 2016 cards… I wish I did! I think they will come out sometime in March or April, and I have a few guesses as to what they may be, but nothing sure. However I promise that as soon as I know any information, I will post it! And I think if you are going in May, the new card should be out already. Have a great trip! Miyazaki is really awesome! Are you going anywhere else?

      • Thanks for your answer, and actually yes I am going to visit a LOT of prefectures !

        I will travel all the way from Kagoshima to Tokyo, with a few side trips for a total of 25 prefectures I think ? I counted them when I did my planning, I’m going to every prefecture in Kyushu and so many more 🙂 This will be a great opportunity for me to enlarge my gotochi cards collection, on top of viewing so many wonderful places of course. The cards will be like the icing on the cake !

        I’ll be keeping a close eye on your blog for 2016 updates of course, please keep up your great work.

      • Wow, that sounds fantastic, I’m so jealous! 😀 If you’ve got any cards you’d like to know more about, feel free to make a request and I’ll definitely stick it on the blog! Meanwhile have a great time planning!

      • Ok great, maybe I will ask you a few questions about my favorite cards ! Actually I’m preparing a blog which will be put online when I start my travel, and for each prefecture I will go to (basically one every day) I will post the gotochi cards of that place and give a short explanation. Most of it will be written beforehand though, that would take too much time. Right now I’m doing research about Oita cards, I’m having some trouble explaining the one with the mackerels… but your blog is already a great help regarding the good translation of the cards names !

      • Sure thing! And you can always link here if I’ve got a post on it… actually, I am currently writing all the Miyazaki ones right now, and a number of other Kyushu ones. I wasn’t planning on posting them right away, but some of them require quite a long explanation (*cough* Takachiho *cough*) so I’m getting it done while I’ve got time. But if there’s one people want to see, then I’ll give it priority and post it next!

        And yes, Oita’s mackeral! It’s made more confusing because the Seki Aji is more of a summer-caught fish, while Seki Saba is caught only in winter. And then “seki” is short for “Saganoseki”… yeah, that’s one of the more confusing ones!

        Anyway, good luck with the blog… definitely link me when you’ve got one, I’ll add you to the blog list, and definitely read as you go along!

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