Chiba #3: Choshi Electric Railway (銚子電気鉄道)

Chiba’s third postcard is of the retro Choshi Electric Railway, a private rail which connects the small Choshi peninsula together. I had the chance to ride this cute train while on the We Love Japan Tour 2015 for Japan Guide, and you can read about my experience here and more about the railway’s history and current stock here.

The postcard combines the DeHa 801 train (now retired) among yellow na no hana (rape blossoms) with the Inubosaki Lighthouse in the background. Although when I visited the na no hana weren’t blooming, I got the chance to see some of the different train cars as well as the lighthouse.

The retired 801 in… not so great a shape, actually. I was a bit surprised by its condition!

The car is parked at Tokawa Terminal Station, an old wooden traditional style station

Inside is a small museum, and you can ask the station staff to unlock the door to go inside.

The closest station to the lighthouse is Inuboh Station which is a unique looking white stucco and blue tiled building.

Inubosaki Lighthouse up on the cliff

Tickets are thick cardboard and reusable, though I got to keep mine!

The pouch the conductor carries actually drives the train, and is switched out half way down the line. Without it, the train wont go.

Some of the different cars on the line

More retired rolling stock kept at Nakanocho Station

Although Choshi isn’t exactly easy to get to, I really loved my visit there. It has a lot to offer, so I’d definitely recommend a trip! I think during April would be nice, as the na no hana are blooming then too!

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