Iwate #4: Jodogahama (浄土ヶ浜)

Iwate’s 4th postcard is of Jodogahama beach, near Miyako City. I had the chance to stay in Miyako, so I visited Jodogahama for about 2 hours. It’s a very nice beach, but the weather was kinda gloomy, so the pictures didn’t turn out so nice. I think with the sun shining the water turns a beautiful color. Maybe I’ll get the chance to visit again!

Standing on the beach

The view from the lookout point at the restaurant on the beach… not the exact angle still! I couldn’t find the exact viewpoint, but I suspect it was up in the trees where there was a “no entry” sign. I am totally not above ignoring those signs, but there was a ton of people there so…

Jodogahama Sign

Detailing some of the lookout points

A high view point on the other side of the beach

And the water!


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