Okinawa #2: Goya (ゴーヤ)

My apologies for the lateness of this post and the lack of any recently… I’ve been fighting a battle with my computer and photo software. I lost this battle, and as a result, my photos, while all there, are a total mess. I can’t find anything! Frankly, even opening the program again was a bit daunting so I’ve put it off and as a result got way behind. Sorry! I’ll be posting one post a day until I’m caught up.

Anyway, May 4th was “Goya” day (5-4) in Okinawa, celebrating Okinawa’s second postcard and famous produce, a bitter melon called goya. Goya wasn’t a vegetable I was familiar with before coming to Japan, and it isn’t one I prefer to eat now. It tends to be quite bitter, but full of vitamins. It is a sun-loving vine, and is therefore popular for people to plant for shade as much as the goya itself.

When I went to Okinawa I had goya champuru, which is a popular dish made with the melon. It wasn’t bad! It may be more of an acquired taste.

I have pictures of goya, both growing and of the Okinawan chapuru, but I can’t find them now. I’ll add them to the post when I’ve finally organized my pictures well enough to find them again! Meanwhile, this is a great site all about goya, including how to grow it, and recipes. Go check it out!

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