Fukushima #7: Miharu’s Waterfall Cherry Tree (三春滝桜)

I rely on these postcards a lot, and I wish this card had come out last year… I was in Fukushima around this time, and the cherries were spectacular! If I’d known to go see Miharu’s famous waterfall-like cherry tree, I would have pictures to post for it now. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about it, so I didn’t get a chance to see it!

Anyway, Fukushima’s newest postcard features the famous waterfall cherry tree in Miharu. It’s considered by many to be the most beautiful tree in Japan, and is over 1000 years old. Due to its popularity and beauty, it is perhaps the most-visited single tree in Japan!

For those interested in visiting to see it, this is the month! You can find more information on how to get there here.


2 thoughts on “Fukushima #7: Miharu’s Waterfall Cherry Tree (三春滝桜)

  1. Great post yet again. I’ve been really enjoying your blog for some time now, but only now finally decided to comment. I have a question about gotochi storage. I live outside of Japan, so obviously the special folders released for them are out of my reach. But I did buy a nice photo album that accommodates 5×7 photos, and that should cover most gotochi formats. I guess my question would be about the layout of the official folders. Are they organized by year, or province? I would like to imitate that with my album to make viewing of the cards more cohesive.

    • Hi Andrea! Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

      The folders are first by year, so each year gets a specific folder, then from prefecture starting from Hokkaido all the way down to Okinawa. The order for each folder is the same every time. If you’d like, I can list the prefectures in the order the folders stick them in. Just let me know!


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