[News] Announcement Concerning the End of Production

In 2016, Postacollect announced they were bringing back production due to the high demand of these “retired” cards, so while I will leave this post up for archive purposes, please note that it is no longer valid.

ALL 8 sets of 47 prefectural cards are currently in production as of August 1st, 2017.

Today, Postacollect announced they will cease production of one of the Gotochi Form Cards from each prefecture from this point onward (for a total of 47). These postcards will still be sold at post offices, but once the supply is finished, more will not be provided. Therefore if you are collecting, I would urge you to do your best to find and buy these cards as soon as you can, before they are gone!

The list can be read here, and I will include an English list further down in this post. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to which postcard from each prefecture was chosen; I assume that probably the least popular ones will cease production. This does, however, lend credence to the idea that even though a postcard might run out at one post office, it is still being produced within Japan, so supplies will not run out until announced. So that, at least, is good news. It is possible as well that every year starting this one, when a new set comes up, they will stop production of one old card. We will have to wait and see what happens next year.

Here is the list of cards in English under the cut:

Hokkaido #4: Corn
Aomori #4: Garlic
Iwate #4: Jodogahama Beach
Miyagi #1: Date Masamune
Akita #4: Kamakura
Yamagata #4: Ice Monsters
Fukushima #1: Noguchi Hideyo
Ibaraki #2: Hobiki Boats
Tochigi #4: Ashikaga School
Gunma #3: Fukiware Falls
Saitama #1: Soka Senbei
Chiba #2: Rapeseed Flowers
Tokyo #4: Shinjuku Government Building
Kanagawa #4: Silk Jackets
Niigata #3: Uesugi Kenshin
Toyama #4: Amaharashi Coast
Ishikawa #1: Kutani Pottery
Fukui #4: Daffodils
Yamanashi #1: Grapes
Nagano #3: Mountain Goats
Gifu #4: Takayama Festival
Shizuoka #2: Unagi (Eel)
Aichi #2: Tempura Musubi
Mie #3: Banko Pottery
Shiga #4: Plum Bonsai
Kyoto #4: Bridge to Heaven
Osaka #4: Kushi Katsu
Hyogo #1: Storks
Nara #2: Persimmon Leaf Sushi
Wakayama #1: Umeboshi
Tottori #4: Mandarin Ducks
Shimane #1: Shijimi Clams
Okayama #3: Jeans
Hiroshima #1: Oysters
Yamaguchi #4: Kaneko Misuzu
Tokushima #4: Naruto Sweet Potatos
Kagawa #2: Olives
Ehime #4: Cow Demon and Uwajima Castle
Kochi #4: Katsuo Tataki
Fukuoka #1: Mentaiko
Saga #3: Arita Pottery
Nagasaki #3: Shippoku Style Meals
Kumamoto #4: Mt. Aso
Oita #4: Karaage and Fried Chicken
Miyazaki #2: Miyazaki Government Building
Kagoshima #4: Sand Bath
Okinawa #2: Goya

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