Nagasaki #5: Nagasaki City Night View (長崎夜景)

Nagasaki is a major port city, and has historically been the point of foreign trade, from China and Korea due to their proximity, then later Dutch and Portuguese traders as well. Nagasaki is perhaps best known in the west as being the second, and last, city to have an atomic bomb dropped on it by American forces in WWII.

The mountains, water, and bright lights of the city make it particularly appealing, and the beautiful night skyline of Nagasaki City from the top of Mt. Inasa is considered not only one of the top three in Japan, but also in the world! It is known as the “10 million dollar view”, and winter is the best time to view it, as the air, though cold, is usually much clearer than in other seasons. And though Mt. Inasa’s view is the most famous, it is not the only one. A stroll around the city at night will give tourists many opportunities for fantastic views.

Nagasaki has an official site for its night views alone, and anyone heading to the area should start there. The website is provided in a number of different language along with English and Japanese. The most common way to get the the viewing platform is by ropeway, but just a note, from May 2015 to February 2016, several safety improvements will be made, so the ropeway will not be in operation during that time. Buses and other transportation is provided, including a special Night View bus. The viewing area itself is unaffected.

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