Fukui #4: Daffodils (水仙)

明けましておめでとうございます, or Happy New Year as we say in Japan! I’m excited to start 2015 off with a card from a prefecture I’ve never visited, which hopefully means I will get to visit it this year. That’s right, home of Dinosaurs and Crabs, Fukui Prefecture is on the Sea of Japan side bordered by Ishikawa, Gifu, and Shiga. I have visited all three of those places, but Fukui somehow escaped. Soon.

Anyway, called suisen in Japanese and either daffodil or narcissus in English, these sweet-smelling pretty flowers are one of the first signs of spring, blooming in the cold January and February months when most flowers wouldn’t dare show their petals. A great place to see them in Fukui is at the Echizen Daffodil Village Park in Fukui City. At this park you can see both beds of daffodils from many different countries in the winter, and in the greenhouses year-round. You can even get the chance to pick some!

Another area is the Echizen coastline, which has both wild and cultivated daffodils. Don’t miss these sweet-smelling flowers at Daffodil Land. There’s even a Daffodil Festival from January 17th through 31st!

And if you can’t go to Fukui to enjoy these flowers, never fear… they grow all over Japan, so be on the lookout! In my area, they grow around February and March. Here are some pictures from previous years:

(By the way, the links above are Japanese only… I had a hard time finding any official information in English. If you’d like some help translating, please let me know in a comment below!)

2 thoughts on “Fukui #4: Daffodils (水仙)

  1. Hello!
    I want to write about Gotochi cards on my swedish blog. I wonder if I can borrow your header picture and tell my readers about your blog? 🙂 Is that okey?
    Kind regards // Emelie

    • Hi Emelie!

      You are welcome to write about them on your blog! I don’t mind you borrowing the header image or any other photograph, but please add a “image(s) credit to postacollect” + link somewhere around your post. (Unless it is the official postcard image, since those are not my images!)

      And of course, I’d love for you to send me the link for the post when you get it up!

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