Strawberries Part 2: Fukuoka #4 – Amaou Strawberries (あまおう)

Last week I talked about Tochigi’s strawberries. Now let’s look at Fukuoka! Fukuoka’s famous strawberry is the Amaou, supposedly standing for “amai” (sweet), “marui” (round), “ookii” (large), and “umai” (tasty/delicious). These strawberries are pretty expensive and can often be found in nice department stores in Japan and given as gifts.

I’ve never been to this area of Japan so I don’t have this postcard, but I DID find Fukuoka strawberries at my local grocery store, so I bought some along with Tochigi’s strawberries to have a STRAWBERRY FIGHT. They aren’t Amaou, but the Tochigi ones aren’t Tochiotome, so that’s probably good. Anyway, let’s look at the results:

Price: Tochigi’s berries were 200 yen, these are a little more expensive.

Amount: More came in the pack though, so that’s probably even anyway!

Size and shape: Tochigi strawberries are more diamond shaped while Fukuoka’s are more heart shaped, but about the same size.

Taste: …. yuuummmm! (Haha, I can’t tell the difference, they were both good!)

So while I’m sure comparing Amaou and Tochiotome will have different results, at this time I can definitely say that strawberries are awesome no matter where they’re from! But I encourage everyone to come to their own conclusions, especially if you can find Amaou or Tochiotome yourself. I did find a great article with some fantastic information on both kinds of strawberries I’d definitely give a read here.

If you are in Fukuoka from November to May, look around for opportunities to pick these strawberries. This website here has some great resources and tips.

Finally, as a bonus picture, I wasn’t the only one interested in the outcome of the strawberry match:

“I like the smell of Fukuoka strawberries!” says my cat.

Well I guess we have a winner after all. Sorry Tochigi, my cat is an expert!

2015.01.20: I’ve found a great video on Strawberries in Japan, including Tochigi’s and Fukuoka’s famous brands. It’s a bit long, but worth a watch for those with the time. It is from NHK’s BEGIN Japanology video, and you can watch it here.

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