Tottori #4: Mandarin Ducks (オシドリ)

Sorry for the missed post last week, I’ve been knocked down by two different illnesses in as many weeks. On the plus side, I’ve drawn up a posting list for the next three months, so watch out for new posts every Monday like usual!

Okay, so today we’re taking a trip down South to Tottori Prefecture. I haven’t made it to this prefecture yet, so I don’t have this or any other card, but it is high on my “want to see list” because Tottori is the only place in Japan with honest-to-god sand dunes. Yes, there is a postcard of them, but today I’m focusing instead on the cute and cuddly-looking creatures featured on the 4th postcard and also which happen to be Tottori’s prefectural bird, Mandarin Ducks!

These beautifully colored ducks head to the Hino River in Western Tottori for a winter rest during November to March. Tourists to this area can photograph thousands of ducks floating in the river. Locals feed the ducks, which brings them back every year. Normally these birds are not commonly spotted, being extremely shy… but in Tottori they’ll pose for the cameras!

There isn’t a lot of information in English on Tottori or these famous birds, and as I said I’ve never been there so I don’t have any pictures. But I found a really nice video on youtube here featuring a few of these ducks on the Hino River. Please watch and enjoy!

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