Peaches! Part 1: Okayama #5 – Okayama White Peach (岡山白桃)

Today I want to talk about peaches! Summer is a time when many fruits and vegetables come into ripeness, and it is a fun time to shop at local stores and farmer’s markets. Peaches are in season from around June into August, so we’re hitting the prime time to go peach picking now! Both Yamanashi and Okayama prefectures are famous for their peaches. Let’s talk about Okayama first!

Okayama is famous for its white peach variety. When I went to visit Hyogo and Okayama in 2012, it was just outside the season (very beginning of June), so I didn’t get a chance to try any. I think Okayama peaches are probably readily available at regular grocery stores in the South or in Tokyo, but out here in the country, I couldn’t find any. Too bad, I wanted a taste!

One reason Okayama is famous for peaches, is because the Japanese folktale of “Momotarou” (“Peach Boy”) is said to take place in Okayama. It is also the subject of Okayama’s first postcard, so I’ll be talking about that in Peaches! Part 3.

Meanwhile, to tide you over until my next post (I know, you’re on the edge of your seat), you can read more about Okayama’s peaches here or here. And if you’re in the area and want to grab some yummy peaches for your own, you can go peach picking at many places across Okayama. Find a farm to pick at here.

Enjoy some yummy peaches!

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